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Commercial Fleet Insurance

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A fleet of work vehiclesMany companies rely on a fleet of commercial vehicles to complete daily business operations. Taxi services, car rental companies, delivery services and construction companies are just a few examples of industries that may maintain a fleet of vehicles. A commercial fleet insurance policy can be more affordable than insuring the vehicles individually.


What Is Commercial Fleet Insurance?

You can purchase fleet insurance to cover liability risks for all of your company’s vehicles. These can include cars, buses, vans, SUVs and trucks from construction vehicles to tractor-trailers. Vehicles insured under a fleet insurance plan do not need to be used for the same purpose. For example, you can insure your construction vehicles and commercial cars under the same policy.


If you have a smaller business, you may be wondering how many vehicles constitute a fleet. The answer to this question can vary according to different insurance providers. While some may require a company to have more than five vehicles to purchase fleet insurance, some will allow this insurance for businesses with as few as two cars. In many cases, however, fleet insurance is most cost-effective when you have at least three vehicles on the policy


Is Fleet Insurance Expensive?

The price range for fleet insurance polies varies greatly according to a number of factors. Naturally, the more vehicles you have on your policy, the more it will cost. Some other factors that can influence cost are as follows:

Having provided coverage for companies throughout Suwanee, Dacula, and Metro Atlanta, Insley Insurance is here to manage all of your commercial fleet insurance needs.


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