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Cyber Liability Insurance

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A computer with a key representing the importance of cyber securityIt’s not a question of IF your organization will suffer a breach, but WHEN. Just one stolen laptop, one resourceful hacker, one virus, or even one lost record can create enormous financial and reputational consequences for your business.


Data Breach Coverage

If you use a computer to store records (and who doesn’t these days), your customers’ personal information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc., are at risk to potential cyber attack. A data breach could make you responsible for their exposed or stolen numbers,. You could incur notification costs to your customers, credit monitoring costs, claims, fines, penalties, and even be expected to cover their losses from the identity theft. Cyber Liability Policies can also offer coverage for liability claims for unintentionally spreading a virus or malicious code, computer theft or extortion.


Most general liability policies normally exclude electronic data. Cyber liability coverage can include: cost of recovering data, lost time, judicial defense and liability expenses, and public relations costs to repair the damage made to your reputation.


Your General Liability policy wouldn’t normally cover such a loss. We can add cyber liability coverage that would. Be proactive.


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