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Data Breach Insurance

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Data Breach InsuranceWith the trend toward paperless data filing, nearly all companies and practices that handle or store any personally identifiable information, customer and patient OR employee data are at risk for a data breach. The possibility is especially high for businesses that routinely deal with credit cards, patient medical records, Social Security numbers and other sensitive information.


Interesting Facts About Data Breach

Should you be thinking about Data Breach coverage for your business? If you store employee’s and/or customer’s personal information the answer is YES!


Data breach insurance can potentially cover a variety of losses, including the following:

  1. Costs of recovering or restoring lost data;
  2. Business interruption due to a data breach or system hacking;
  3. Responding to a data breach (e.g., costs of notifying customers, payment of credit monitoring, etc.);
  4. Lawsuits brought by those whose data was disclosed; and
  5. Defending regulatory action, including regulatory fines.

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